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As Good as Old

Pamments (or pammets) have been made from local clays in Norfolk for hundreds of years. We use the traditional methods and skills , making our unique floor tiles by hand in rural Norfolk. They are 'as good as old': no two tiles being identical in colour or texture.

Their timeless quality make them ideal for conservation and renovation projects in listed buildings, churches and barn conversions. Their imperfections and individual character add style to modern properties. Outdoors, they enhance old and new gardens.

We make classic sizes as standard and bespoke sizes in various natural colours.

Our Products

Renovation & Conservation

Renovation & Conservation

King's Lynn Rustic laid throughout the entire ground floor unifies the spaces and blends with the colours of the ancient timbers, bricks and stones.



Varied Heritage pinks give a contemporary look.



Mixed colour pamments link the house to the garden.

BBC Radio Norfolk

Norfolk Pamments was featured on BBC Radio Norfolk on 16th August 2019!

Broadcasting live from Pulham Market, Chrissie Jackson interviewed Zoe Dobson, and other staff members, here at our factory.

Follow the link below to hear the whole show:

Chrissie Jackson: Like in Pulham Market