Norfolk Pamments


Come and see us at Greenbuild, Felbrigg Hall

on Saturday 10 September 10.30am - 4.30pm
and Sunday 11 September 10.30am - 4.00pm

Norfolk Pamments are terra cotta floor tiles, handmade from regional clays in the traditional way by skilled craftsmen. Despite being 'Norfolk' pamments they look at home anywhere. Pamments are "as good as old" and what gives them this quality is the irregularity in colour and surface that are characteristic of traditional pamments.

Like the original pamments, Norfolk Pamments are not mass produced using sophisticated machinery (which is the case with most imports), resulting in a homogenous clay and a uniform product. It is the imperfections in them that make them come alive. They are extremely durable and should last a few generations.

We use local clays: Ely clay for dark red pamments, Norfolk clay for terracotta colour pamments and King's Lynn clay for our new parti colour pamments.

Pamments are widely used for barn, house and cottage renovations as well as churches and sites of historic interest, but equally add individuality to contemporary houses and conservatories. Having excellent thermal retention qualities, they are ideal with underfloor heating.

They are also suitable for use outside for paths, patios and greenhouses.

They have been chosen by many of the bodies involved in protecting England's heritage, including County Councils, English Heritage and the National Trust. Our pamments can be found in Norwich Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds Cathedral, Magdalene College in Cambridge to mention just a few.

Norfolk Pamments has been "Highly Commended" by the Norfolk branch of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England in recognition of its contribution to the fabric of the county's buildings.




Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen