Norfolk Pamments - Handmade English Clay Floor Tiles
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Design Ideas

However simply our authentic handmade pamments are laid, the floor will be unique, stylish and full of character. Alternatively, there are numerous ways to combine colours with standard and/or bespoke sizes to create a personalised design or to match an existing floor. Here are some examples to follow or to develop:

Pantone Living Coral

The Pantone Color Institute have chosen
Living Coral as their Color of the Year.

We believe that our Rustics, Terracottas and Pinks provide the perfect match for your design ideas, based on this global trend!

Pantone Pamments
Pantone Pamments

Design 1
King's Lynn Rustic herringbone
Design 2
Terracotta basket weave
Design 3
Herringbone with brick shape borders
Design 4
Brick weave in Terracotta
4½" x 4½"
Design 5
Mastercraftsman's work
Design 6
Terracotta Diagonal
Design 7
Repeatable pattern in Terracotta
Design 8
Antique White & Terracotta chequerboard
Design 9
Running bond in mixed reds
Design 10
Ely Red and Terracotta spiral
Design 11
Mixed red basket weave with quarter size inserts
Design 12
Terracotta pinwheel with
Ely Red inset